Cologne II
Project public preposition
Year 2016
Institution ArchivKomplex, Cologne /DE
Place Einsturzstelle Stadtarchiv / collapse place city archive at Severinstraße (vor dem / infront of Haus Waidmarkt 2; Neuverortung 03.11.2020/ Relocated 11/03/2020: Severinstraße 241), Cologne /DE
Technique Dibond / dibond
Photographer Christine Sünn, Cologne /DE, Archive Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE

EINSTURSTELLE, Cologne, 2016

On March 3, 2009 at 13:58 the Cologne city archive caved in as a result of the construction of the subway site under the Severinstraße in Cologne. With the installation ‚EINSTURZSTELLE’ by Mischa Kuball a significant mark for all visitors and the Cologne inhabitants is created to indicate the location of the city archive. Mischa Kuball used the well-known public „language of signs" – in relation to the tourist signs with white design on brown ground – that refers to outstanding attractions in municipalities and regions.  A variant was chosen which is used as a sign to major tourist destinations on the highway. In this particular case the notice of the importance of a critical and sensitive handling of these trauma of the loss in the middle of the citizens of Cologne is important: "After seven years I wanted to demand a clear answer of the city of Cologne to the question of how they will deal with this wound in the collective memory and specifically with the remembrance." (Mischa Kuball). Until now on the site a temporary arrangement without any official notice about the collapse was offered. The new sign will fill the gap and invite people to participate in the discussion and to move the city of Cologne to act. The art event on the 7th anniversary of the incident was unveiled on March 3, 2016 following the minute of silence at 13:58 on site and delivered to the City of Cologne. The donation of the artwork took place by the initiative called „ArchivKomplex“ – an independent group of artists, architects, writers and citizens who committed the debate on the collapse of the cologne city archive and its consequences with temporary actions and interventions since 2011.

The donation of the artwork was unanimously accepted by the city council of Cologne on 14th February, 2017. 

Relocation 11/03/2020

On november 03, 2020 the Installation was relocated to Severinstraße 241, Cologne.

Former location: infront of Haus Waidmarkt 2