Cologne I
Project public preposition
Sprechers Ecke
Year 2015
Institution 10qm, Cologne /DE
Place Florastraße, corner Kuenstraße, Cologne /DE
Curator Stefanie Klingemann, Frank Bölter
Technique Water box, construction site emitter, open call
Montage Archive Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE

Sprechers Ecke, Cologne, 2015

Within the exhibition series “10qm” in the public space of Cologne-Nippes a paved 10-square-meter surface at the edge of a park, whose original function is unclear, becomes an illuminated “Speakers’ Corner.” In an open call contributions on the theme of “public space/art in public space” can be submitted and during the run of the project be presented every evening from 6 p.m. to midnight. Visitors who come specifically for the events and chance passersby are equally addressed. An upended beverage crate serves the speakers as a provisional platform, which could remain, wander off, or be stolen as an ephemeral trace of the evening program. In the style of Marcel Broodthaers’s “Speakers’ Corner” of 1972 and of the site of the same name in London’s Hyde Park a place for discourse and exchange will be marked and activated with the simplest of means. Public space is thus reflected on two levels—through speech and through action. (JO)