Project public preposition
Year 2017/2018
Institution Kunsthaus Graz /AT
Place Kunsthaus Graz - Bix Fassade /AT
Curator Katrin Bucher Trantow, Barbara Steiner
Technique light facade / neon lamps
Thanks Katrin Bucher Trantow, Barbara Steiner
Photographer Studio Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE

(DYS)(U)TOPIA, Graz, 2017

The Kunsthaus Graz can be read as a utopian building whose roots go back to the late 1960s, drawing on concepts such as living architecture and intelligent exhibition machine. The arteries of its organic, technical form became moving walkways that carry visitors; the façade, originally designed as transparent to reveal the inner workings of the exhibition machine, instead became a pulsating light façade and a third exhibition space for the public. It is this façade that now displays the latest work in a current series by Mischa Kuball. One of the leading light artists in the world today, for the month of Licht 2017 Kuball is showing public preposition / (DYS)(U)TOPIA, a script that mutates from the term Utopia to Dystopia and back again. In an endless loop of repetitions on the façade, he questions shifting perspectives on both architectonic and social developments, here and everywhere. (Katrin Bucher Trantow)


  • 2018: Bucher Trantow, Katrin: "Mischa Kuball public prepositoin / (DYS)(U)TOPIA", in: "Public Art. Kunst im öffentlichen Raum", published by Elisabeth Fiedler, Dirck Möllmann. Wien, p. 154-159. 
  • 2017: Graz Architektur. Rationalisten, Ästheten, Magengrubenarchitekten, Demokraten, Mediakraten, hrsg. von / ed. by Barbara Steiner. Graz.