Project public preposition
Status not realized
Institution Westfälisches Landesmuseum, Münster /DE
Place Public space, Münster /DE
Technique Movable object for seating, wood, stainless steel
Montage Archive Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE

Plattform, Münster (not realized)

The idea of the nomadic object is directly connected to the architecture and the exhibition history of the Westphalian State Museum. The artist draws on an old light and ventilation shaft cover in the atriums of the institution. Furnished with a mirrored surface, the functional element that resembles a sculptural statement would be upgraded and elevated to minimalist sculpture. In selected sites in Münster (e.g., Schlossplatz, Domplatz, Aasee, main train station) it takes on a dual function: as mobile seating for passersby and that of a horizontal mirror. As a point of departure for the visual observation of the surroundings it invites one to linger, to contemplate, or to exchange. By blending into the periphery it appears to almost dissolve as an object. Location and mirror image, viewer’s vantage point and outlook would be continually defined anew through the different stations. (JO)