Project public preposition
Year 2022
Institution LVR Industrial Museum, Oberhausen /DE
Place Peter-Behrens-Bau, Oberhausen /DE
Cooperation with Christoph-Schlingensief-School, LVR Industrial Museum, FUTUR21
Thanks Sebastian Strehlke, Chris Timmerhaus, Torsten Lautenschläger, Jana Niedenhoff, Lisa Rohe, Michael Gaigalat, Maja Lange, Patrick Blümel, Clemens Walter
Technique 3 Gobo projectors, Sound, Mobile App/Audiowalk
Photography Clemens Walter, Berlin /DE

future_grid, Oberhausen, 2022

In the site-specific installation future_grid, Mischa Kuball stages selected fragments of large-scale industrial machines on the outdoor grounds of Peter-Behrens-Bau using light and sound. A projected light grid places the dysfunctional post-industrial artifacts in a free associative space in which visitors can explore new narratives of the future in dialogue with them – supported by an audio walk.

The silent material presence of the sculptural-looking contemporary witnesses behind the former warehouse of one of the region's largest steel producers continuously expands in Mischa Kuball’s work future_grid to include new information and contexts, questions, and narratives. In this process-oriented project, the artist transforms the museum into a dynamic repository of knowledge that sees itself as an energetic generator where preservation and research take place and new future visions can be generated.

Visit the mobile application augmenting the public preposition with an audiowalk, historic images and further reading on the industrial objects. future_grid (Link)