Project public preposition
Year 2019
Institution 28th edition of the Ars Cameralis Festival /PL
Place Castle Museum, Brama Wybrańców 1, 43-200 Pszczyna /PL
Thanks produziert im Rahmen des Projektes "non_lieux - vier, fünf (Nicht)-Orte in Marl" für Urban Lights Ruhr 2017 im Auftrag von Urbane Künste Ruhr
Technique LED-light tubes, DMX controller, wooden construction
Photographer Erik Denneborg

DYS(U)TOPIA / UNFINISHED, Pszczyna, 2019

By installing two light signs DYS(U)TOPIA & UNFINISHED on the façade of the Pszczyna Castle, Mischa Kuball comments on its history. Until World War II, the castle was the seat of the authorities and a ducal residence, which made it a symbol of political and social upheaval. By means of changing letters/syllables that decode the meaning of the words displayed, the artist sheds new light on this place – in a literal and metaphorical sense. It seems he is asking if the world that we know from the Castle’s history is gone forever. Like John Stuart Mill, who in a parliamentary debate in 1868 used the Greek term “dystopia” for the first time to criticize the state of the country, Mischa Kuball draws attention to the repeated failures of past and present political utopias. At the same time, he raises more questions: how do we understand society today and how do we want to shape our collective life against the background of current political problems such as globalisation, war and migration? The installation was commissioned by Urbane Künste Ruhr for the non_lieux – vier.fünf (Nicht)-Orte in Marl project at Urban Lights Ruhr 2017.