public preposition

Project “public preposition”

The question of a contemporary definition of public space art is certainly a serious one in our time which has also undergone a substantial change since the 1970s.

In his project series “public preposition”, Mischa Kuball reposits this topic within an extended context. “Preposition” here means words, such as “at/auf”, “among/unter” or “beside/neben” and thereby the relationship between historical sites and their context.

All “public prepositions” proceed from a precise analysis of the given site in which they take place. They incorporate their social, political or communal specificity and are considered to be temporary interventions that rely on the potential of an altered perception of seemingly familiar urban contexts. A key factor here is the exemplary character of the various installations.

In 2009, Mischa Kuball realised, among other things, the work “intervento” in the Caserma Cornoldi in Venice, as well as “Floater, silver / gold” in Marfa, Texas. It was also possible to see the action “Metzgergässchen” (Butcher’s Alley) as part of the Performance Festivals BONE 14 in Bern, as well as “swingstage” in Toronto in 2011. Unfortunately, “Damascus Gate” which was to take place during the “Light in Jerusalem” in 2012 had to be withdrawn for political reasons. A “public preposition” currently in the planning stage called “Solidarity Grid” will be realised this year for the Scape Biennial in Christchurch, New Zealand to accompany and comment artistically upon the reconstruction of the city following two serious earthquakes. (VJM)