Project public preposition
Marfa Floater silver / gold
Year 2009
Institution The Chinati Foundation, Marfa/TX /US
Place Locker Plant and Fort Russel Grounds, The Chinati Foundation, Marfa/TX /US
Curator Marianne Stockebrand
Technique Silver and gold foil, ventilating fan, video, performance
Thanks Tim Johnson, Caitlin Maisley, Ann Marie Nafziger, Marianne Stockebrand, Takako Tanabe, Rob Weiner, Regina Wyrwoll
Photographer The Chinati Foundation Archives, Marfa/TX /US
Archive Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE
Supported by The Chinati Foundation, Marfa/TX /US

Marfa Floater silver/gold, Marfa, 2009

Since 1987 the Chinati Foundation has been located on the premises of the former military fort in Marfa, Texas. Founded by Donald Judd, the foundation comprises an area of 140 hectares in a unique desert landscape and functions as a museum and artist residence. As artist in residence, Mischa Kuball developed a video installation which was created as a documentation of a three-part “performance without audience.” The focus of the action was a typical emergency blanket, originally used in space, made of polyester foil and aluminum. In the exhibition space, in the desert, and in an urban context the special material was carried through the exterior and interior spaces by the wind or the air current created by a fan. Feather light and nearly immaterial, the reflective film visually incorporated the various surroundings and light situations. Accompanied by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Mission, metaphorical thoughts on infinite space took hold and permitted recognition of approaches to land art. (JO)