Project public preposition
public entrance, Damascus Gate
Status not realized
Institution Lights in Jerusalem /IL
Place Damaskustor/Damascus Gate, Jerusalem /IL
Technique Follow spot, traverse, red carpet, DMX controller
Montage Archive Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE

public entrance, Damaskus gate, Jerusalem (not realized)

The Damascus Gate is the largest gate of the walled Old City of Jerusalem and leads to the Muslim as well as the Christian quarter. It marks a transit situation between two worlds, the eye of the needle between Old City and New City, between East and West Jerusalem, connecting the ancient with the modern. Nowhere else do the Israeli and Palestinian communities encounter one another as often and directly as they do here. This special situation is highlighted by a red carpet and sensor-controlled spotlights. The artificial light takes on a special role in this holy place steeped in history. It democratically illuminates all passersby equally, independent of their cultural and social backgrounds. Symbolically it oscillates between religious and educational ideas, creating a bridge between the diverse cultures, value systems, and world views. (JO)