Project public preposition
in_transition / in_progress
Year 2019
Institution Setouchi Triennale 2019 / JP
Place Uno Port Uno Port Area / JP
Technique LED-light tubes, DMX controller, wooden construction
Thanks Fram Kitagawa, Rei Maeda, Shimooka Takafumi, Yuta Asakawa
Photographer Keizo Kioku /JP

in_transition / in_progress, Setouchi, 2019

To enter the Ferry, is a commitment to leave/depart a situation to enter/arrive a
new saturation - by all means - in a very positive sense IN_TRANSITION already
refers to a human condition - to travel / transit from one place to another, in terms
of personality - to change from one into another better condition - Transition
stands for progress - so IN_PROGRESS is standing for a positive change into
better - the human mind is programmed to develop and change things into
better - as it is not always happen like this - We keep trying for some thousand
years… we called it CIVILIZATION!
IN_TRANSITION / IN_PROGRESS changing light installation will resemble and
mark the History - the present - and the future of the Kagawa Region - as it
alters between IN_TRANSITION and IN_PROGRESS And back again - it tells
about the continuity of this situation we are living in! (Mischa Kuball, 2019)