Project public preposition
white space
Year 2018
Institution Tartu in Light TAVA 2018 /EE
Place Public Space / Karl Ernst von Baeri 13, 51005 Tartu /EE
Curator Varvara & Mar (Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet)
Technique Fences, trusses, fog machines, lights, white tarpaulin
Technical Realization: Janno Siil
Photographer Leevi Lehtinen, Tartu /EE

white space, Tartu, 2018


„white space“ has been realized in the context of ‚Lichtfest‘ 2014 in downtown Leipzig, as part of the artist series of public interventions ‚public preposition‘  to remember the 1989 protests in Leipzig, East-Germany – known as ‚peaceful revolution‘. Here at RADICAL LIGHT the installation claims to create a space for gathering, be a central meeting point for people with peaceful minds in a peaceful environment! RADICAL LIGHT provides a perfect platform for this artist attempt to interact in openminded democratic circumstances. 


The out-door installation program of the festival aims to reconfigure spaces and provoke radical changes. „Radical Light“ intends to highlight social, environmental, spatial and political issues. Let’s cast light on the hidden or unspoken topics, facts and places! The objective of the installation program is to raise awareness of social and urban issues and, at the same time, offer a chance to perceive light and/or space from a totally different perspective and receive a positive emotional impact. The festival will bring the best Estonian and international creators working with light to the city of Tartu. Visitors can see their new site- and context-specific light installations, but also existing works that have not been seen in Tartu before.