Rio de Janeiro
Project public preposition
Year 2016
Institution Galeria Transparente, Rio de Janeiro /BR
Place Galeria Transparente, Rio de Janeiro /BR
Technique Performance
Photographer Frederico Dalton, Rio de Janeiro /BR
Tchello d'Barros, Rio de Janeiro /BR
Archive Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf /DE


Mischa Kuball has been invited to join the virtual Gallery ‚Galeria Transparente‘ in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, as he proposed a virtual video installation in 2015 for this internet based format initiated by Frederico Dalton in Rio. In March 2016 Frederico Dalton organized an exhibition at the historical House of Justice in Rio. Mischa Kuball participated by contributing 3 photographic images from the installation and one video which shows the work for ‚Galeria Transparente‘ at the Quarter of Gloria in Rio. On the occasion of the Exhibition Kuball suggested to perform inside the Building and outside in the streets of Rio – the photographic material shows how Kuball translocated the transfer from real place into a webspace – back from real space into public space!

Video - Curta Com Frederico Dalton - Galeria Transparente (YouTube)